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The Pike Anglers’ Club

Formed in 1977, our Mission Statement reads: ‘The Pike Anglers’ Club of Great Britain’ (our original name) will work to establish an environment in which pike are valued; both as a sporting fish and necessary part of the management and ecology of fresh-waters’.

During the PAC’s long and proud history, the Club has fought and won many battles to protect both pike and the sporting rights of pike anglers. Fishery owners and managers, including trout waters, now appreciate pike as an important resource – due in no small part to PAC’s efforts. PAC continues to pro-actively and re-actively address potential and actual problems affecting pike and pike anglers. PAC is the largest single-species group in the UK and the only organisation dedicated to pike throughout the UK.


Membership is open to all, from the complete beginner to record-breaking expert; all are equally welcome. Indeed, newcomers to pike fishing are urged to join, to learn from experienced pike anglers – especially regarding safe unhooking and handling.

The PAC is sub-divided into Regional Associations (RAs), each run by a Regional Organiser (an RO) – you’ll find one covering your area. ROs organise monthly meetings throughout the winter, often involving presentations from well-known pike anglers, tackle raffles and prizes. Bankside teach-ins and social fish-ins are often provided.

PAC offers various membership benefits, including discounts and publishes a quality, seventy-six page quarterly magazine, ‘Pikelines’ which is packed with news, views, reviews, articles and regional reports. August 2017 saw the re-launch of our updated website and members can interact and network online via the popular members’ forum, various Facebook pages and our Twitter account.

PAC holds an Annual Convention which features the very best in tackle-stands, speakers, and provides an important opportunity for members from all over the UK to get together and discuss pike and pike fishing.

PAC also runs special events involving privileged access for members to top venues such as the Lake of Menteith, and, hopefully on a growing number of other special venues across the country.

PAC is not an elite specimen group but an open club uniting pike anglers of all levels of experience, throughout the UK.

The Future

PAC is managed by a committee of volunteers which changes every three years. This cycle of change keeps the club fresh as new faces bring renewed energy and ideas. The 13th PAC committee took over on 3rd May 2015.

The Pike Anglers’ Club was founded to promote conservation and educate anglers at a time when pike were persecuted. 2017 is the year of the PAC’s fortieth anniversary and these values still form the foundations of our club, and the 13th committee will continue this great tradition.

PAC13 has pledged to challenge the authorities, in particular the Environment Agency and hold them to account. PAC will fight to make sure that pike anglers receive equal value for money from the EA as is currently enjoyed by game anglers. PAC will also encourage pike anglers to liaise with their local enforcement teams to build relationships that will be of mutual benefit.

The future is challenging and exciting – there has never been a better time to be a member of The Pike Anglers’ Club!


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