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Lake of Menteith PAC and P.A.A.S. Rules

Bait Fishing

  • Sea deadbaits only, no lamprey, smelt or pollan and no freshwater species.
  • Minimum bait size 4”
  • Two rods maximum
  • Minimum mainline breaking strain 50lb braid or 25lb monofilament
  • Maximum size hook 4
  • Semi Barbed hooks
  • Minimum trace length 24”
  • Minimum lead size 1oz/28grams
  • Minimum float size 4”/35g
  • Minimum breaking strain of trace 30lb plus
  • Uptraces are preferred
  • Please avoid anchoring close to jetty’s for access (100m)
  • Avoid anchoring a minimum of 50 yards from another boat
  • If float ledgering please make sure stops are no more than 2 foot over depth for adequate depth indication (recheck each time you move swims)

Lure Fishing

  • Minimum of 50lb braid or 25lb monofilament
  • Wire traces must always be used, fluorocarbon as a trace material is not allowed
  • Minimum lure size 6”
  • Maximum treble size, size 1. Large singles to be used on spoons
  • Maximum of two hooks per lure (reduce damage)

Equipment/Code of conduct

  • Life jackets to be worn at all times
  • No anchoring 100m from jetties or boat yards
  • Strike as fast as possible if your float moves or goes under the fish has the bait in its mouth (avoids deep hooking)
  • Please allow minimum of 50 yards between boats
  • No deliberate fishing for other species.
  • All fish including trout to be returned
  • All anglers to carry adequate tools to unhook fish (forceps, longnose pliers, hook cutters)
  • Nets used must be a minimum of 36” knotless triangular or 30” knotless circular (use fishery nets provided)
  • Make sure to use fishery mat and sling provided
  • Try and unhook smaller fish at the side of the boat and always wet your hands, they do not need to come in to the boat.
  • Refrain from retaining fish any longer than is necessary
  • If weighing fish please wet the mat and weigh sling accordingly
  • When photographing fish please wet both hands and be as quick as possible

Anyone caught breaching rules may be banned from the club. These rules and guidelines are preliminary arrangements and a further meeting with the fishery is scheduled for mid February to get agreement from all parties on the rules and pike fishing management.


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