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Bill Chillingworth
Hugh Reynolds

PAC Senior Fellows and Life Members

The PAC can offer no greater acclaim than to honour those who have served the PAC, its members, and the club’s aim in an exemplary manner.

Founders & Committee Members In Memorial Role of Honour

Barrie Rickards
Bill Chillingworth
Hugh Reynolds
Eric Hodson
Colin Dyson
Martin Gay
Peter Green
Vic Bellars
James Holgate
Fred Buller MBE
Harold Holden
John Roberts

Senior Fellows

Dr Bruno Broughton
Dr John Tate
David Lumb
Graham Stead
Colin Goodge
John Synnuck
Pete Haywood
Phil Kirk
Geoff Parkinson
Neville Fickling

Honorary Life Members

Martyn Page
Malcolm Bannister
Derek Unsworth
Martin Phillips
George Higgins
Chris Liebbrandt
John Milford
Lee Kemp
Peter Climo
Howard Yendle
Carl Garrett
Paul Jennings
Alan Palmer
Alastair Smith
Wilma McDermid
William Colqhoun
David Batten
Neil Shortland
Steve Ormrod
Tracey Foster
Dave Foster
Ian Maguire
Bill Winship
Rob Murray
Mike Bell
Adrian Brayshaw
Peter Robinson
Mark Akerley
John Hodgson
Mick Culpan
John Watson
Phil Wakeford
Mark Barrett
John Cahill
Chris Bishop
Michael Hastings
Mark Skinner
Mark Leathwood
Vicky Leathwood
Mike Kelly
Tim Kelly
Graham Slater
Chico Winterton
Mike Skipper
Giles Hill
Mick Crisp
Alan Dudhill
John Keeley
Brian Birdsall
David Mutton
Eric Edwards
John Currie
Denis Moules
Stephen Harper
Stuart Watts
Andy Syddell


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