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The Pike Anglers’ Club Forum

We have built a new forum for The PAC and you will need to register to join, so please ensure you have your PAC membership number to hand. Registration is simple – please note these rules:

  • A condition of registration is that you must use both your forename, surname and your PAC membership number as your username.
  • Usernames in the form of John, JohnS, Smithy etc. are unacceptable, as are nicknames such as Piker3, and will result in your registration being declined.
  • Acceptable usernames are in the form of; JohnSmith123, John_Smith321, johnsmith456.
  • Abbreviated forenames such as Steve, Phil or Dave are acceptable.
  • You must include your membership number in your username – or your registration will be declined.

After you complete the registration, our forum administrator will check your details against the membership database. Please allow some time for this to take place. Once approved, you will be sent an email confirming your access. (ensure you enter a valid e-mail address that you have access to). The forum is located here: (opens in a new window)

Please note: Some people have reported problems registering on the forum using the Chrome browser, the anti-spam confirmation code is rejected. This will likely be fixed by Chrome in a future release, but if you have this problem, please try using an alternative browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.


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